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Thank you to Dan Kennedy and the crew at Great River Electronics in St.Paul MN for their help during the mixing of the new Deep Sleep Operator album!

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Deep Sleep Operator's Alien invasion anthem "Breaking the Earth" is included on Versailles Records upcoming release "Billion Dollar Babies Tribute to Alice Cooper"..DSO appears on the bonus cd included with the cd release entitled "Horror Rock Vol1"...scheduled for release Sept 23rd!

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Big thanks to DJ Ozzie and the Rocking Bones Radio show which aires on the 365 radio network for including DSO's song "Rise with Me" on their recent "Rise" themed show!

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"Drums Boom Boom" written on a vintage Neve recording console is always a good thing! a brand new Deep Sleep Operator album is on it's way!

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Backstage at a recent concert, the members of Deep Sleep Operator were scanned into a computer using top secret 3D imaging software, and then immortalized in plastic!


Deep Sleep Operator returns to the Q&Z Expo Center Tuesday April 5th in Ringle WI!

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DSO live in St Paul Minnesota! Photo courtesy of Deb Freytag Photography..

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A big thank you to Doug's Voodoo Lounge and the crew at WCCN The Rock FM Radio in Neillsville WI for including Teacher of the Black Arts on a recent show!

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Deep Sleep Operator returns to the Q&Z Expo Center in Ringle/Wausau WI, Tuesday April 5th!


DSO returns to the Minnesota Music Cafe in St.Paul Mn on Thursday March 17th, St. Patricks Day!


Deep Sleep Operator invades Chippewa Falls WI @Everybuddys Bar this coming March 21st..


DSO live in St.Paul MN 1/1/16

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We are very excited to announce our music video for our single "Feed Them Dirt" will be airing on next Saturday's Bordello of Horror Television show in Madison WI! The Bordello of Horror aires at Midnight on CW57,Broadcast 57, Cable channel 2. This episode will be available for viewing online as well!

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Thanks again to Pete Burns and everyone at Razor FM 94.7 Radio in Green Bay Wisconsin for the recent airplay!


Deep Sleep Operator live in Janesville Wisconsin Friday October 16th!

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Deep Sleep Operator live in Saint Paul MN at the Minnesota Music Cafe!


DSO live in Minneapolis MN Saturday October 3rd at The PourHouse Matinee Madness!


DSO returns to St Paul Minnesota!

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Many thanks to everyone at Fireworks Magazine in the UK! DSO's single "Teacher of the Black Arts" was included on the magazine's bonus music cd/mp3 that came with the magazine(issue #69) and also included a interview with DSO frontman Mark Ehlers! This issue sold out of stores all over Europe according to the Fireworks staff..Awesome!

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A huge DSO thank you to Benjamin Raye and the crew at the 93x Loud and Local radio program for cranking Feed them Dirt onto the Mpls/St Paul airwaves last night!


Deep Sleep Operator live in St Paul MN!

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DSO tearing it up in Saint Paul MN @ The Minnesota Music Cafe

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Deep Sleep Operator live in LaCrosse Wisconsin at the Warehouse. (Photo courtesy of Bob Good)

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Deep Sleep Operator's song "Spiritual Warfare" took the #60 spot in the playlist on 365 radio networks show "Top 100 Songs" which aired today!

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New show Friday June 26th in La Crosse WI!

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Deep Sleep Operator live in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the Metal Grill...Photo courtesy of Taylor Gosz


Deep Sleep Operator invades Japan! DSO would like to thank everyone at www.Breath-Fresher.com in Japan for making Deep Sleep Operator the band of the week! Click on the photo to go to their site...

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Many thanks to DJ Kurt Barron at 94.1 FM WJJO in Madison WI for spinning Teacher of the Black Arts on his recent Local Stage radio program, and also for helping promote our upcoming Saturday April 25th show in Janesville WI!



New album review from Progressiverockbr.com in Brazil!

DEEP SLEEP OPERATOR - "While the Earth Sleeps" 
Deep Sleep Operator is an obscure Hard-Rock and Heavy Metal one-man band hailing from the northern Wisconsin, USA. Mark Ehlers is the lead singer, guitarist, and main composer behind the project, and he defines the sound of Deep Sleep Operator with the following statement: “When Steven Spielberg has nightmares....it sounds like this.” Anyway, Ehlers has somehow managed to produce and releaseDeep Sleep Operator’s debut album “While the Earth Sleeps” (2012). Some tracks of it were successful in having domestic exposure in Wisconsin, Texas, and North Carolina, and reached international airplay in the UK, Australia, Italy, and Canada. Ehlers then assembled a live band to bring Deep Sleep Operator onto the stage, and has shared shows with bands such as “Jucifer”, “Bobaflex”, “Mobile Death Camp”, “Hounds of Jezebel”, “Throw the Fight”, and “Death Valley High”. Deep Sleep Operator’s album “While the Earth Sleeps” was a gratifying surprise for me. The CD contains 13 tracks – all of them possessed by the sinful evil spirit of 80’s Heavy Metal from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean! By combining the vibration and technical quality of the NWOBHM style with the raw energy of the most seminal and primeval Thrash-Metal made in USA, Ehlers has composed a bunch of killer Metal standards that will make the most catatonic Head-Banger to bang his/her head until it falls down from the neck! Taking the listener by assault, Deep Sleep Operator attacks with fierce, explosive, and devouring Metal power, armed with dynamic and creative guitar riffing, unstoppable and inexhaustible guitar soloing, thundering deep-bass lines, and heavy artillery on drums - all under the leadership of Ehlers’ insane throating vocals that spit-off bizarre lyrics with themes that cover from alien invasions to black magic. Overall, the sound has a nostalgic resemblance with the early days of “Metallica”, “Megadeth”, “Armored Saint”, “Savatage”, “Helstar”, “Metal Church”, “Dr. Mastermind”, “Savage Grace”, “Nasty Savage”, “Death Angel”, “Artillery”, “Manilla Road”, “Tank”, “Tysondog”, “Saxon”, “Savage”, “Warhead”, “Running Wild” (pre-Pirate phase), “Accept”, “Rage”, and others. From the 13 tracks of “While the Earth Sleeps”, I can state frankly that no one prevails over the others: this album is to be listened in its entirety, in a single spin. Starting with “Breaking the Earth” (4:48) – a fake alien-movie soundtrack that aims to settle a kind of “MIB” atmosphere for the entire album – the songs that follow on are all instant hits that will crush down each listener with a different impacting effect, according to his/her Metal tastes. “Feed Them Dirt” (4:20) has a boldly aggressive attitude, NWOBHM riffs, and surprising Voodoo drumming; “Spiritual Warfare” (4:14) is a slow-pounding Traditional Metal with story-telling vocals and wah-wah guitars; “Teacher of the Black Arts” (3:53) has galloping riffs, thrashing drumming, and hovering guitar solo; “Hyper Division” (3:50) and “They've Entered my Mind” (4:47) are two songs that feature a groovy combination of Hard-Rock and NWOBHM; “Tempo of a Frozen Heart” (4:52) is an early “Metallica-Megadeth” combo; “Nebula-Nightsky Island” (4:01) has synths, dark atmospheres, galloping drumming, and neoclassical guitar harmonies that sometimes recalled me of “Savatage”; “Temple of Massivo” (4:27) is a Psychedelic Metal that comes like a Pharaohs’ curse, containing a long instrumental part that recalled me of the epic style of “Manilla Road”; “Plant it Deep” (4:12) is an amazing Ethnical-Desert-Rock with complex arrangements and outstanding guitar work; “Don't Take a Knife to a Gunfight” (4:46) is an adventurous song suspended on a vibrant NWOBHM riff; and “Rise with Me” (3:29) is driven by fatty bass, electrifying guitar riff, and radioactive atomic solo, while doomsday vocals predict the apocalypse. “Population Zero” (1:40) is another fake alien-movie soundtrack that closes this insane album, leaving no leftover-tracks. After listening to this amazing piece of Metallic art, the least that I can do is to congratulate Mark Ehlers for this extraordinary accomplishment and praise Deep Sleep Operator as being one of the best 80’s Metal acts living in the 21st Century. Deep Sleep Operator is super-highly recommendable for lovers of the early days of NWOBHM and Thrash Metal, as it was viscerally played by “Metallica”, “Megadeth”, “Exodus”, “Metal Church”, “Armored Saint”, “Savatage”, “Helstar”, “Dr. Mastermind”, “Nasty Savage”, “Savage Grace”, “Death Angel”, “Artillery”, “Manilla Road”, “Iron Maiden”, “Angel Witch”, “Tank”, “Tysondog”, “Saxon”, “Savage”, “Warhead”, “Running Wild”, “Accept”, and “Rage”. Band members and collaborators involved in Deep Sleep Operator are:Mark Ehlers – Production, Songwriting & Performance. Mixed by Dan Deurloo at After Rome Studios MPLS MN. Mastering by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering, Omaha, NE. Recorded at The Farm, Tilden WI. Percussion courtesy of EWQL SD1. Samples courtesy of Spectrasonics Distorted Reality 2. Cover Graphic by Frank Frazetta/Metaphase Brothel Graphyx... (Comments by Marcelo Trotta)


Many thanks to Jeff and Sully at the 365 Radio Network who recently added EVERY song from our debut album While the Earth Sleeps to their affiliate stations song rotation!

Deep Sleep Operator debut album available now!

The debut album from the mysterious Deep Sleep Operator takes the listener on a hard rock journey through the sci fi realm into a world overtaken by alien forces and black magic. 13 tracks of fire and thunder, soaring guitar riffs and cinematic bombast! Available at all major online music retailers..

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DSO would like to give a shout out and a thank you to Lance and the gang at Midwest Mayhem Promotions and Booking for helping promote DSO recently!

Many thanks to Carlos and the gang at http://www.progressiverockbr.com/ for helping promote Deep SleepOperator on their incredible website! Their site is one of the, if not the largest, metal sites in Brazil!

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Mark Ehlers from Deep Sleep Operator at Crypticon Horror convention in Minneapolis MN!

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Deep Sleep Operator joins Jucifer and Witchden Wed October 15th at the Legendary Turf Club in St.Paul Minnesota!

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Twitter/Maniacal Rantings

Deep Sleep Operator's debut album "While the Earth Sleeps" is now available on Pandora Radio..Check it out! 


Musical downloads/previews

Deep Sleep Operator

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While the Earth Sleeps

  1. 1 Breaking the Earth 04:48
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  2. 2 Feed Them Dirt 04:19
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  3. 3 Spiritual Warfare 04:14 Free
  4. 4 Teacher of the Black Arts 03:52
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  5. 5 Hyper Division 03:49
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  6. 6 They've Entered My Mind 04:46
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  7. 7 Tempo of a Frozen Heart 04:51
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  8. 8 Nebula-Nightsky Island 04:00
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  9. 9 Temple of Massivo 04:26
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  10. 10 Plant it Deep 04:11
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  11. 11 Don't take a Knife to a Gunfight 04:45
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  12. 12 Rise with Me 03:29
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  13. 13 Population Zero 01:39
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DSO reviewz

New album review courtesy of www.horrormetalsounds.com Check this site out! Thanks Kenneth!

Deep Sleep Operator is a unique entity, blending sci-fi and hard rock together and is done solely DIY from Wisconsin musician Mark Ehlers. The passionate musician has done everything on this debut disc, from writing and mixing all the music and handling every instrument. That’s an impressive feat, but DSO strives to create a palette of sounds/moods to tell a great story within the music itself.

The CD is entitled While the Earth Sleeps, and maybe that’s an appropriate title – especially given how the opening track assaults the listener with sounds of an alien invasion. The track is called “Breaking the Earth” and it sets the tone right away, prompting the listener to brace for the tumultuous ride ahead. The next few tracks pile on the heavy riffs, so “Feed Them Dirt” and “Spiritual Warfare” should indulge and engage the listener mercilessly.

The middle portions of the album shift a bit, building upon melodic passages and adding a dash of industrial and progressive tones into the core sound, but still retaining the heaviness. The chug from the guitars is quite noticeable on “Hyper Division” with Iron Maiden styled harmonies shinning though; while “Nebula-Nightsky Island” and Temple of Massivo” are the strongest tracks progressively. I feel there is a slight nod to Megadeth on the track “Don’t Take a Gun to a Knife Fight”, especially in the riffing department.

Mark’s vocals tend to come across in a raspy-talking like delivery, often reminding me of Alice Cooper and Dave Mustaine, and he surely has a flair for theatrics as witnessed in the video for Hyper Division. If you watch the video on YouTube you can plainly see how effective it is to drape yourself in a black hoodie and wear a strange looking mask that reminds me of something out of a Mario Bava movie. The dude has got it down right and it just adds to the flavour of what DSO is all about.

There is much to like here, and I admire anyone who goes the DIY route. You can purchase a copy of While the Earth Sleeps at the band’s website and they are also selling t-shirts too. This is definitely a worthwhile purchase, so please support DSO and marvel at the sheer beauty of sci-fi rock ‘n roll done right. You won’t be disappointed. 

Kenneth Gallant, Editor HMS

New Deep Sleep Operator Concert review! Courtesy of Kat Corbo/Onstagereview.com

January 2nd, 2014

On our way back to Chicago from the north woods Thursday, Tammy and I got stranded in Madison thanks to a massive snow storm back home. Of course we looked around to see if there were any shows, and we found that Throw the Fight would be playing at the Frequency along with Deep Sleep Operator later that night. We never pass up an opportunity to see a live show, so we headed over to the venue to check it out. A loud, angry-sounding lead guitar howled and screamed at us as we entered the place (our favorite way to walk into a room). We found out later that it wasn’t a guitar solo planned specially for our entrance; it was just really good timing combined with an extraordinary opening band, Deep Sleep Operator. The singer, Mark Ehlers, had an eerie Dave Mustaine-like growl in his voice and wore a mask and straightjacket which only added to the already daunting music. The guitar was being shredded more than any cheese that night (being in Wisconsin, that’s a rarity), and all these aspects combined to give their set a mysterious, almost sci-fi atmosphere.

New DSO Album Review in Fireworks magazine from the UK!

Deep Sleep Operator T shirts!

New DSO t shirts available in the Store/Dream section..Great for any occasion.. weddings,funerals, some sort of wedding/funeral hybrid event..anything really. Let your freak flag fly!

Album ReviewZ

Review by Ant May, May 8,2013 Courtesy of planetmosh.com

Wisconsin band Deep Sleep Operator play Sci-Fi themed hard rock. This, their debut album has recently been released.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album – the press release plays up the sci-fi angle, but other than a mention of hard rock there was little to tell me what to expect musically.  After a listen to the album I can tell you that it’s really good hard rock with vocals that remind me of ‘Brutal Planet’ era Alice Cooper.

There’s plenty of power from the guitars, the Alice Cooper style vocals are great, and the songs just sound fantastic.  The sci-fi element is there in the lyrics and also in intro/outro pieces for some of the songs.

It’s hard to pick a single track for praise – the whole album is so good with no weak tracks.  I definitely recommend giving this album a listen, and I’m certainly hoping it won’t be too long till they release a second album. 

Rating: 9/10

 Deep Sleep Operator  Album review by Violet V (Reagen)

 January, 19, 2013 

Emerging like vulgar creatures from the dense fog, this sci-fi phenomenon known as DEEP SLEEP OPERATOR lures you in to an apocalyptic slumber filled with horrific images chilling characters and hellish nightmare scenarios. Based out of northern Wisconsin and armed with outlandish amounts of raw talent and lurid imaginations, DSO has released their debut album “While The Earth Sleeps” containing 13 malicious tracks of mind-bending, mystical mastery. The band takes your fears and anxieties making an unimaginable vision into a realistic night terror. Lead singer/guitarist Mark Ehlers sums up the band best with the statement...”When Steven Spielberg has nightmares.... it sounds like this.”

There is nothing more frightening then the unknown. It tricks your mind into creation, presenting a Pandora’s box of goulash thoughts, panicked emotions and horrific situations.

“While The Earth Sleeps” is a portal to a diverse state of mind the opener “Breaking The Earth” sets the tone for the albums lunacy. Staring with an eerie whistling entrance filled with screams and hysteria. Ehlers snarls give way to demonic fiends being unleashed, raising havoc onto a city with bizarre sludge madness. While the hasty guitar riffs add the element of insanity. “Feed Them Dirt” can only be describe as musical genius being bulldozed by an array of heavy intricate instruments. “Spiritual Warfare” this song flows like liquid gold off Ehlers tongue. The heavy doom in the guitar grips the listener taking you on an endless journey of severe riffs mixed and crashing drums. While songs like “Hyper Division”, “They’ve Entered My Mind” and “Tempo of A Frozen Heart” blast in all guns blazing with chugging guitars, insane slides and riffs. It holds the true essence of heavy metal in every cord while the drums boom in a deep death march. Jagged, strained, erotic vocals with the touch of death wails trap you. “Nebula-NightSky Island” is enchanting with its cryptic and alluring confessions. The guitar injects you with pure metal mayhem and doesn’t let up, the kind your body yearns or. “Plant it Deep” is eclectic fire. Introducing an element of rock, metal, jazz and sheer brutality, a psychedelic spiral of uncontrolled frenzy. “Don’t Take A Knife To A Gunfight’ is speed metal magic. The high-pitched metal screams intertwined with complex solos and guitar squeals charge you in to manic furry. “Population Zero” places you into a world of self consumed naive humans, taken gain with photographs and gossip stories, Only to realize they are an illusion a mere dust in the wind compared to what is about to unleash. The sounds of breaking glass and disturbing screams reminds you of what nightmares are really made of.

In my opinion this album is a take no prisoners combination of Mark Ehlers childhood fascinations of science fiction and a true appreciation for heavy metal music. A space odyssey that reaches its razor sharp claws into the minds of innocent minions cradling there thoughts in to sweet submission only to plunge there subconscious into a epic journey of high paced, menacing, bloodcurdling doom. Leaving the listening with the age-old question, are we alone in the universe? A must have!!

Violet V (Reagen)


From Dangerdog music reviews: www.dangerdog.com

Deep Sleep Operator: While the Earth Sleeps

Melodic/Heavy/Progressive Metal


Deep Sleep Operator is the moniker for Wisconsin musician Mark Ehlers. His debut disc While the Earth Sleeps is a total DIY project. Except for the mixing, Ehlers handled everything from songwriting to instruments to recording. At first pass, DSO reminded me of BMO, Babylon Mystery Orchestra, the one-man project of Allen Johnson from the deep south, but without the political insurrectionism and doom metal. The foremost reason is that Ehlers, like Johnson, doesn't necessarily sing; it's more like sing-speaking, and in the case of Ehlers with a pronounced snarl.

The lyrical themes of DSO mostly evolve from sci-fi ideas: aliens and apocalyptic endings; the music is interesting mixture of melodic hard rock and heavy metal with a pinch of prog and maybe even a dash of industrial. Ehlers makes extensive use of samples and sound fx, sometimes as segue, sometimes as accent or atmosphere. The main effect of these additions is to produce the sound of a planet being destroyed, an idea Ehlers got from listening to the Kiss song Destroyer where a car is devastated at the end.

Generally, however, Ehlers is pretty good songwriting and rather deft musician. His guitar work is particularly engaging, possibly the best part of While the Earth Sleeps. Despite his vocal style, or because of it maybe, the music is definitely intriguing. After one song, you want to hear the next; you want to find out where Ehlers is going with all this sound. He also creates some curiosity with his song titles They've Entered My Mind, Tempo of a Frozen Heart, and Don't Take a Knife to a Gunfight, by example. Alternatively, sometimes, at least lyrically speaking, the album's theme isn't all that cohesive. Nevertheless, if While the Earth Sleeps is the intended result of his original vision for the album, then Ehlers' Deep Sleep Operator is certainly a fine achievement, and a rather interesting and entertaining one at that. Recommended.



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